OSO Realty Group Joins Real Broker in Southern California

Real announced today that OSO Realty Group, led by managing partner and co-founder Derek Sneed, has joined the tech-connected brokerage in Southern California.

OSO is a six-person team comprised of agents who believe in the power of technology as a disrupting force in the real estate industry. Sneed launched OSO Realty Group in 2017 after spending five years at Keller Williams, where he served on the Agent Leadership Council and as a compliance director. Previously he did marketing, programming, and design for startups in the technology industry.

Sneed says the decision to bring OSO on as a Real team has been a long time coming:

“I’ve been keeping an eye on Real even before it launched in California because the company seemed modern and with the times. When I pitched it to my team it was a no-brainer because we felt Real was in line with our tech-forward approach and the way we feel the real estate industry is headed.”

Additional members of OSO Realty Group include licensed agents Ciaara Hoffmann, Andrew Valdes, Jazmin Gallardo, Matthew Zialcita and brand manager Russell Manuyag. Together they serve residential buyers and sellers in the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

When building his team, Sneed said he looked for like-minded people who felt online marketing and technology could drive success. While he says his team still respects and utilizes some tried and true old school real estate principles, they also believe leveraging technology is helping them stay ahead of the curve while serving clients more efficiently.

“My tech background has allowed me to have this mindset where I know we need to constantly adapt. We can’t get comfortable, we must always be looking to change for the better.”

To that end, the entire OSO Realty Group works remotely but communicates 24/7 via the messaging service Slack. Through Real they have also been able to leverage the customer relationship management software Chime to track and nurture leads. And of course, all transactions are managed through dotloop, a transaction management solution Real provides to agents at no cost.

“We may only meet in person once a month now but we get so much more done because we are meeting with purpose,” Sneed says. “Nobody sees losing the brick-and-mortar office as a negative.”

As for the future, Sneed says now that his team is aligned with Real, he is eyeing an expansion, including the possibility of expanding to other states using the Real platform.

For agents interested in joining OSO Realty Group, Sneed has a pitch:

“The tech and support which Real provides, along with what we’ve developed as a team are a recipe for success in this rapidly changing real estate industry. Our agents can focus on taking care of clients and not have to worry about creating and managing the technology, branding, marketing, or transaction management side of things. It’s a smooth running machine.”

For more on OSO Realty Group, visit https://oso.realty

About Real: Real is the first tech-connected real estate brokerage that leverages mobile technology in place of costly offices to serve agents and teams better. By marrying a tech-connected business model with agent equity opportunities and revenue sharing, Real seeks to make agent’s lives better. For more information, please visit http://www.joinreal.com.

Link to the original article: https://www.prweb.com/releases/oso_realty_group_led_by_derek_sneed_joins_real_in_southern_california/prweb16241049.htm?

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